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Check out cool Whitehorse area attractions to visit …. Take a Dip! Go Wild! Hit the Slopes!

Year-round affordable service available....of course we will add local chat & tips to welcome you. It’s easy! You, the ‘Visitor’, will pay the attractions directly for all admission costs for guided or self-guided tours, lift passes, any rentals (swimsuits, skis, etc), lessons or food/ beverage and we will help you decide on hours, booking rentals or tours as well any information to plan your experience to meet your expectiations.

We have an affordable transportation rate to support you, your family or friends to attraction(s) which will only add to your Yukon experience.  We will bring you safely back at the end of the day and can't wait to hear about your stories.

If you have a minute to learn more about these attractions we encourage you to check out their websites for up to date hours, rates etc. (Hot Springs $10 -12 per person and Yukon Wildlife Preserve $15 - 22 per person) OR go with us for a more enjoyable smaller group or private Wildlife Preserve Tour cost is $86.10 per person includes transportation to and from Whitehorse downtown.

Time 2.0 – 6.0hrs

$36.53 + gst = $38.35 per person Transportation service fee round - trip back to Whitehorse area same day only.  *If pick up is scheduled for another day then the fee is $38.35 per person back to Whitehorse.

Complimentary personable pick up and drop off to your designated accommodations  *prorate for groups of 4 or more. 

Additional request with small additional fee for pick up outside of the Whitehorse surrounding area or off the beaten path.  Please ask.

Example of other costs to consider budgeting for when you pay direct to attraction business.  Please check out their own websites for exact updated details and information.

+ $22 adult guided tour Yukon Wildlife Preserve OR $15 adult unguided enjoy your own freedom to walk and explore   *Senior, children and student discounts available

+ $12 adult swim Takhini Hot Springs + $3 swimsuit towel rentals available (if required)    *Senior, children and student discounts available

+ $42 adult full day lift pass for Mt. Sima Alpine Park $30 adult half day + $37/ $27 ski rentals available + lessons available     *Senior, children and group discounts available

pssst.... Take time to relax at Bean North Cafe it is a great place to stop for a fantastic cup of java or warm bowl of soup located in walking distance between Yukon Wildlife Preserve and the Takhini Hot Springs. You will be glad you did.


Please ask we would be delighted to let you know what else is going on around the Whitehorse area and of course provide transportation tour service support as well.

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