• We are passionate about this special place we call ‘The Yukon’.
  • We love to treat you the ‘Visitor’ with home-style hospitality.
  • We understand you are travelling probably for the first time up here so want you to remember the ‘Yukon’ by our affordable tour offerings which will add to you being able to do more and have those memorable experiences.
  • We want you to visit with a real ‘Yukoner’…….pssst sometimes can be hard to find.
  • We really do care that you have a good time in the ‘Yukon’ and you have stories to bring home.
  • We know what we are doing. We are professional, safe and know how to create a relaxing fun environment because we have been in business for a long time.
  • We think the Yukon’s mountains, waterways, wildlife, cultural and historical sites are to be shared in a very respectful and careful manner by our dedicated team.
  • We definitely know what is happening….. the news of the day, the history, the culture, the industries, the government of the day, the local faces and the stories behind the scenes.
  • Our team is made up of real deal Yukon women & men who have made a commitment to the sourdough life here in the ‘Yukon’ and have their own real stories to share with you the ‘Visitor’.
  • Whew ….we hope we have given enough reasons ‘Why?’ we want you to tour with us.


Who What Where Tours was created by a true Yukon Ambassador – Teena Dickson. In this day and age we would say Teena’s lead role is definitely a pioneer in her own unique wise way. Teena saw a real need to offer more authentic Yukon experiences lead by Yukoners, which would be affordable for travellers of all ages. “How are we promoting Yukon as a world-class destination if we are going to continue to market ourselves and our products with visitor’s saying ‘The North is too expensive’ to visit. We lived that growing up and it is time to make it affordable for the ‘Visitor’."

She is always keen to find out ‘What’s new?’ By nature is an avid explorer, gets excited by things she hasn’t seen before and of course people she has not met yet. Intrigued to hear stories and learn about other far-away places. From a young age of hanging out in Yukon campgrounds or the numerous road trips across Canada no doubt would bring her to be involved with people and tourism.

Teena has always found time to actively volunteer with various Yukon tourism organizations and the community as a whole. She has a solid understanding why the North is a great place to live. Teena and her family live a very active lifestyle with their outfitting company. The outfitting industry is one of the first tourism experiences people traveled to the Yukon for back in the early 1900’s. Their company Dickson Outfitters Ltd. has been operating for over 100 years in the Yukon. Tourism is changing and it is important to our territory, Teena believes her understanding of 'community needs' and the balance of what we have to offer will assist with the continued interest to further develop the territory in a responsible matter making it a truly first class destination with universal promotion to a number of diverse markets.

She has a way to motivate people and raise the energy anywhere she is usually thru her attitude with northern stories and humor. She is instinctively optimistic when it comes to your tour experience and will go above and beyond to make sure you are smiling and will want to come back to visit the ‘Yukon’.

The Who What Where Tour team is made up of dedicated passionate real Yukoner’s who can’t wait to meet you, your friends and family and to share tour time with each one of you in Yukon-style.

Yes we will talk, text and email to meet you the ‘Visitors’ needs.

Thank you
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Stories waiting to be shared.... by real YUKONERs with northern attitude